Nostradamus Predictions That Came True| Hidden Mysterious Conspiracy

Nostradamus Predictions That Came True| Hidden Mysterious Conspiracy

Hy friends today i am gonna talk about Nostradamus Predictions that came true, Nostradamus was a physician and many people knows that he has the mysterious  power to predict future like what happens in near future. Nostradamus was born on 14 Dec 1503 in france he was french physician there was many prediction of her that came true.

One of the Nostradamus book name Les Propheties, In this book there are some predictions are written by Nostradamus.

- The London fire of 1666

The blood of the just will commit a fault at London brunt through lighting of twenty threes and six the ancient lady will fall from her high place several of the same sect will be killed.
In this pragraph of Les Propheties many people belive that when many building burn and many people are killed and burned and everything change into ashes this accident was done after 111 years ago from Nostradamus Predictions that means Nostradamus already know about London accident.

- The 9/11

Tuesday 2011 Sep at world trade center i know everybody know about that what was happened on that day, In this book Nostradamus wrote in some code language 
Earth shaking fire from the centre of the earth will cause temors around the new city the great rocks will war for a long time then a thus a will redden a new river
Some peoples know that what he wanna say in lines 

- Hitler Birth

From the very depths of the west of Europe a young child will be born of poor people he who by his tounge will seduce a great troop his fame will increase towards the realm of the east.

Experts verify this line and explain that in this line Nostradamus talk about Hitler who will born and trouble everyone as seen in line fame will increase towards east as we know that this actually happened.
These are some prediction that really came true as we know that but many predictions of Nostradamus in this book but if don't mention here if you wanna more so please comment in box i will make as many 
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